My Weekend Buddy


Last weekend, when my roommate left me all alone in our room for a two-day stay in her relative’s house, I decided to get out of the box for a while and enter the not-as-predictable social world. Luckily, I found a companion, one of my dormmates and we spent the weekend together.

Flawless, brown-skinned and vertically challenged, with her height, 5 ft tall, she looks more like a freshman high school student than a 16-year-old girl. She has straight, long, moonless-night black hair that makes her small, imperfectly round face even smaller. Her thick side bangs partly covers her left almond-shaped, dark chocolate-colored eye, making her look like an emo-ish broken-hearted girl. She wears a pair of oblongated eyeglasses. She has a small, not-that flat nose and whenever she blows it, she rocks the grass. Her pale thin lips hide her white big teeth. Having short arms and legs, she appears slimmer and shorter wearing her loose, printed white shirt, faded maong pants and a pair of flat grayish slippers. Although she looks younger, her movements say much about her age. She has a good posture and has soft, careful movements. She walks a little faster than a turtle. She gently eats her food ‘til her plate becomes empty like a man’s mind with amnesia. She always smiles as wide as the ocean and covers her mouth like a blanket whenever she laughs but she never laughs out loud. We’ve only been together for a hint of time, but her features and gestures make me want to know her more. I take great pleasure in thinking of how our friendship may evolve and deepen over time.

A week before o…

ImageAn Almost Suspension

A week before our Christmas break during our senior year, our class prepared for a speech choir contest that would be held after several days. We were 26 in class but the maximum number of participants was 25. Luckily, Gayle volunteered not to join, saying,”I decided not to join guys. just think of the expenses, especially the costume. It costs P200 and if ever we win, we would only have P40 each (1st prize = P1000). Pagod na, lugi pa.” Not discouraged of what she said, the rest of us decided to practice harder. Determined to win, we decided to be absent on Monday to have a general rehearsal at our classmate’s house.

 Monday morning came and most of us were waiting for the others to come at the bus station. Well, as I’ve said, we all talked about not going to school that day and we decided to meet at the station (because we would have our practice at our classmate’s house that no one knew where, so, she said she would pick us up there).

Meanwhile, at school, during the flag ceremony, the principal asked,” Where’s IV-DALTON?!!!.Gayle!(he knew our names because he was also our math teacher), where are they?” Not knowing where we were, she answered she doesn’t know. Then, the principal walked out of the flag ceremony and headed to the bus station(most students at our province ride on a bus to school). We were all shocked to see him and tried to make excuses(well, they all didn’t work) but ended up back at school. He was so mad at us back then and even told us that we would be suspended in January.

Then, the day of the contest came. After all the hard work we’ve done and the humiliation we’ve been through, we won. Our principal was so happy that time that he forgot about the suspension and instead, gave each of us plus points in Math except for Gayle.

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